About Us

About NTB

Welcome to NAIJA TECH BRAIN, Nigeria's foremost Nation-wide Start-up Pitching Competition. We are on a mission to revolutionize the startup landscape in Nigeria by identifying, nurturing, and promoting the brightest entrepreneurial talents across the nation.

At NAIJA TECH BRAIN, we provide a unique platform for startups, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth, recognition, and success. Our competition is not just about prizes; it's about connecting visionaries, showcasing innovation, and propelling startups to greatness.

Who we are

Who We Are

Naija Tech Brain is powered by a consortium of UK based business professionals and experts with the synergy to contribute and bring about real value creation in businesses in Nigeria.

We are keen on spreading economic growth to every part of the Nation, thereby encouraging young founders in the different states of the federation to participate.

With the support of our Partners comprising of Mentors, Sponsors and Investors we hope to help younger businesses to thrive and stay ahead in a heavily competitive and very challenging environment by providing them a platform and the resources needed for collaboration, experience sharing and stimulate innovative thinking and mind-set. Sound knowledge and education with best practise are key rudiments for business growth.

Join us today as we make Nigeria a better place for investment opportunities.

Why Naija Tech Brain

Nationwide Reach

We are not limited by borders. NAIJA TECH BRAIN brings startups from every corner of Nigeria to the forefront of innovation, both within the country and beyond.

Global Exposure

With our emphasis on international standards and recognition, we are your bridge to the global entrepreneurial stage. Be prepared to compete on a global scale.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

We understand the challenges of early-stage startups. That's why we offer comprehensive support, mentorship, and resources to ensure your journey to success is smooth and rewarding.